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Our lawyers can advise you on all aspects of Estate Planning. We prepare simple and complex wills at an affordable rate. Call one of our wills and estates lawyers today for a free, no obligation chat.

Our experience tells us that the best way to ensure that your loved ones are looked after is for you to have a will prepared by a solicitor. Homemade wills are fraught with danger. Simple mistakes in executing such wills are common and can end up costing the Estate (and therefore the beneficiaries) hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

More serious mistakes in the preparation of the will can cost the estate thousands of dollars in legal fees that would have been avoided if the will had been prepared by a solicitor. They can also result in unintended consequences. People that you did not intend to benefit from your will may do so at the expense of your preferred beneficiaries.

These are big risks to take when you consider that we can prepare a simple yet effective will for you for a few hundred dollars. We can also secure your will in a vault (our office used to be a bank!) for life at no charge to you.

Of course, a will is just one way that you can plan the distribution of your Estate. We can discuss various other ways that can help you can achieve peace of mind when it comes to your Estate. These include using your superannuation or life insurance to ensure that everyone that you wish to take care of is looked after.

We can also advise you on steps that you can take to protect yourself in the event that you are unable to make decisions concerning your finances, living arrangements or health care. Making or updating a will is the ideal time to consider preparing a Power of Attorney and/or an Advance Care Directive.

Our wills & estates solicitors have many years of experience in drafting wills. They are also experienced in Probate matters and litigation involving contested wills. This means that they know what to look out for when preparing your will to help avoid unnecessary stress and expense for your loved ones.

We have lawyers available at our Adelaide and Salisbury Offices to assist you with your Estate planning. Home or hospital visits in the Adelaide metropolitan area can also be arranged.

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