Personal Injury

Talk to Moloney & Partners about any personal injury claim...there's no charge if you decide not to proceed.

Public Liability Claims

Had a slipping accident? Or have you fallen down stairs? Nearly all public and private buildings have public liability insurance to cover these claims. To see if you may be able to claim, discuss your accident with us today.

Did your injury happen some time ago?

In SA, common law claims for personal injuries must be filed within 3 years of the accident. However, it may be possible to obtain an extension. Tell us your circumstances today.

At Moloney & Partners, we provide the following special services for Personal Injury cases:

  • No charge will be made if at the first consultation you do not wish to proceed
  • In most cases, you won't pay our legal fees until a lump sum is obtained
  • If you are unable to attend our office we can visit you at home or at hospital

Medical Negligence

We specialise in claims against hospitals.

Road Accident Injury Claims

If you’ve been hurt in a road accident, you may have a claim against the driver of the offending vehicle, even if the driver can’t be found. We specialise in claims involving serious injuries. See us as soon as possible!

We’ll guide you on meeting your legal obligations. If liability can be established, we can usually recover medical expenses as they occur, which may give you relief from one of the most pressing problems you are facing.

WorkCover Claims

For more information on WorkCover Claims, visit our WorkCover page.

Other Claims

We can provide specialist advice in discrimination matters as well as on disability claims under superannuation and sickness and accident policies.

Talk to us about your Personal Injury legal issue. We’re here to listen we'll give you the very best advice.




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