Probate Lawyers Adelaide

We have helped hundreds of executors obtain a grant of probate (or letters of administration where there is no Will) quickly and at an affordable rate.

Our aim is to limit costs as much as possible, so as to maximise the beneficiaries’ entitlements. In some cases a Grant of Probate may not be necessary. Whether a Grant of Probate is required is the first thing that we will discuss with you. If an application for a Grant of Probate cannot be avoided, we will do everything that we can to obtain the grant in a timely and efficient manner.

Once we have ascertained the assets and liabilities of the deceased, we will provide you with a firm estimate of the legal costs. In our experience, the legal fees for obtaining a Grant of Probate (or Letters of Administration) in a straight forward case (e.g. a house or accommodation bond and bank accounts to be left to children) are in the region of $2,200 (plus GST).

A Court filing fee (of between $929 and $3,715) is required in every Application for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. Unlike most Firms, in most cases we are happy to pay the filing fee on your behalf and seek reimbursement when funds are available.

If the matter is more complex, or if there is an issue regarding the validity of a Will, additional charges will be payable. We will endeavor to provide you with an estimate of those costs from the outset and we will provide you with regular updates should there be any changes in that estimate.

The legal fees are generally payable from the Estate. In most cases we will wait until sufficient assets are available before seeking the payment of our fees.

Talk to us about your Probate issue - we’re here to listen we'll give you the very best advice.



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