Family Law

Questions about divorce, property settlement, residence and contact can be resolved.

It’s where the care and consideration of Moloney & Partners can make all the difference. That’s why we understand that you need to be able to move confidently forward into a new life, with as few problems as possible.

We help you through all the tough questions.

For instance, who gets to decide where your children will live? Is it the Courts? What if you and your former partner agree?

Let Moloney & Partners help you get the best outcome, for you, your children and your property.

Whether you are married or de facto, or simply planning to be, get advice from a family and divorce lawyer at Moloney & Partners now, for the best results.

We’ll help with:

Prenuptial agreements
Divorce Law
Matrimonial property
De facto disputes
Residence and contact disputes

or any other family law issue

Talk to us about your Family Law issue - we’re here to listen we'll give you the very best advice.




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